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Club Member Benefits

Crowborough Tennis Club Member Benefits

If you are a Member of Crowborough Tennis Club, you will be entitled to various benefits on the Coaching side.

In the main it will be discounted rates for each session attended, as follows

Free ‘induction assessment’ when you initially join the Club – 30 minutes

This is the initial “welcome” from us at CTA. We will go through a basic assessment with you on all strokes. We may even take a video of you so you have something to look back on in a few months time to see how far you’ve progressed. We can then discuss your coaching requirements and make suggestions based on your level of play.

Standard Sessions

One to One – £25 per hour (non Members charge is £35)

Hitting Session – £15 for 45 minutes (non Members charge is £25) – no coaching is given during this time.

Group Session – £10 per session regardless of length

(See the cta whats on 2017 Adult for days and times of each session)

For full list of services please click on the following links. . . cta offers 2017 and cta offers 2017 page 2

For your children you will also gain discounts on their coaching sessions if you are a member or join them as a member individually. (See the timetable cta whats on 2017 kids)

Discounts on block purchases for sessions and also further discounts where available on apparel and equipment purchase through CTA.

If you have any questions about the above please talk to AJ when you see him or email info@ctasussex.co.uk