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CTA Options

Here is the comprehensive list of Tennis Coaching Options. Costs are highlighted in Blue for Club Members and Orange for Non Members. Costs per lesson includes all equipment, racket use if necessary, quality time spent addressing your tennis specific requirements and ongoing advice and consultation with any of our coaches and maybe from time to time a free coffee!

Private Individual Coaching

Minimum of one person; Maximum of two people; Private and tailored to your requirements. There is no minimum age and no maximum age. All are welcome and for any standard of player.

30 minutes  – £20   £30

1 Hour          – £30   £40

1.5 Hours     – £45  £60

2 hours         – £60   £80

Private Group Coaching

Minimum of three people; maximum of eight; Private and tailored to your requirements and separate from any published group sessions. There is no minimum age and no maximum age. All are welcome and for any standard of player, but we recommend that all players in the groups are of similar standard. Prices below are per person in the group.

1 Hour          – £10   £15

1.5 Hours     – £15   £20

2 hours         – £20   £25

Published Group Sessions

These are the group sessions that CTA run weekly and publish as available to all Members and Non Members alike. For full details of these sessions, please see the Adult Group page under the CTA Adult heading above.

1 Hour          – £10 £12

1.5 Hours     – £10 £12

2 hours         – £10 £12

Private Hitting Session

One on One hitting with a Coach or ‘advanced’ player on the CTA roster. No formal coaching tips will be made in these sessions. This is simply to help you groove your shots. Your choice. Your session. This may even be used to practice matchplay. Private and tailored to your requirements. There is no minimum age and no maximum age. All are welcome, but we recommend that the player already has the ability to rally well.

45 minute     – £20   £30

Private Video Analysis Session

One on One session with a Coach and/or an ‘advanced’ player on the CTA roster. Formal coaching tips will be made in these sessions as they are very useful for working closely on technical hitches or improving basic technique from a visual point of view. These sessions may even be used during matchplay. Private and tailored to your requirements. There is no minimum age and no maximum age so long as appropriate permission is granted. All are welcome.

1.5 Hours      – £40   £50

Cardio Tennis Sessions

A great way to exercise outside of the gym and a chance to keep hitting tennis balls. All standards of player are welcome, as no formal technical coaching is offered in these sessions. Using slightly lower compression balls, we make it easier to hit the ball with more emphasis on keeping you active and getting that heart rate going. These are part of our published group sessions.

1 Hour          – £10 £12

Tennis Specific Fitness/Performance Sessions

Aimed at the performance player, or those who are matchplay ready or entering tournaments. Focussing on all aspects of fitness specific to tennis. This would include footwork patterns, core fitness, speed, endurance, agility and even mental toughness, play patterns, tactical patterns, match analysis and more. A medical questionnaire maybe required before commencing and a longer term plan will be discussed and written in order to record progress and achieve specific goals.

1 Hour          – £30    £40

However a Bespoke Program is highly recommended. Individually tailored to the player. (All are welcome, even if you are not entering tournaments. However, we recommend that the player already displays a reasonable level of fitness.)

Free Assessment Session

One to One. This is for all Brand New Club Members. An assessment on all basic shots required in tennis and the chance to get a feel for the sport with one of our expert coaches. Suggestions can be discussed regarding which sessions to attend, whats available at the club and as a nice welcome.

30 minutes    – Free of charge

Junior Coaching

We offer a comprehensive Junior Tennis Coaching program all year round during the School Term. We then also offer Camps and fun activities during the longer half term holidays of two weeks or more. For full details, please look under CTA Juniors above.

Bespoke Programs

CTA can tailor sessions to any tennis requirement. Regardless of standard of play. Talk to AJ if you would like a regular coaching session weekly, or more (or less) frequently. Any of the above options can be included. We then discuss your needs, guarantee you a regular slot and calculate a bespoke pricing structure affordable to you. These programs are paid for monthly by BACS. Effectively becoming a CTA program member which opens up a whole host of other benefits to you.