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CTA First Timers

Are you looking to attend one of our tennis coaching sessions for the first time? If so, you are most welcome. . .


Please look at the timetable to find out the most appropriate session that falls on a day that suits you.


email AJ – info@ctasussex.co.uk to let him know the day you wish to attend.


Attend the session and have fun! Then let AJ know how much you loved it!


Your first session is free of charge, as a trial session. The cost going forward is simply a calculation of the cost for the remainder of the term.


Payment is made and then you can enjoy the rest of the terms tennis.

ad hoc attendance

We would prefer if we knew ahead of time the days you wish to attend, but we also understand that circumstances are not always the same from term to term.

Therefore, if you are unable to commit to a whole term, there are other options for example sign up for half a term


pay £15 per session each time you attend (so long as you notify CTA each time you wish to attend)

or if we can accommodate you in some other way, please let us know.