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CTA Junior Incentives

2021 will see a number of incentives introduced to help family finances and also help CTA grow the number of kids having fun playing tennis.

Please note that only one of these incentives can be used per term and other conditions may apply to each incentive. If you have any questions please simply ask AJ – ctasussex@icloud.com

Sibling Discount

This is something that CTA has offered on a discretionary basis in the past for larger Families, but is now making it official from January 2021 for all Families with two or more children.

Families with two or more children can now take advantage of a sibling discount of 20% per additional child; paying standard rates for the first child.

The rules are simple

Payment for the first child will be at the full standard published rate

Payment for the second and subsequent children discounted by 20%

Monthly Program Membership

CTA ‘Program Membership’ is a bespoke offering based on an individuals coaching requirements. A monthly standing order payment plan is agreed which covers all of your coaching needs for a full year. A minimum 12 months would also be agreed.

This incentive will generally only appeal to those who regularly attend coaching every week, every term, every year and who also takes advantage of our junior camps.

This incentive works much like a gym membership; the more you use it the more you get out of it.

An example of this is as follows:

One group coaching session per week during term time

One day per week on all junior camps

One individual session per week during term time

All this could be available for £100 per month. Saving £240 per year.

If you only require one group session per week and access to one day per week camps, the cost would be £40 per month. Saving £120 per year.

If a bespoke approach is something you’d like to discuss, please email AJ.