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CTA Mini Memberships

Join the Club

CTA has negotiated preferential rates for Mini Tennis Membership with Crowborough Tennis Club going forward. The costs below are for FULL MEMBERSHIP to the Club.

Ages 7 and under – Membership cost is £11 per annum

7 and Under Membership £11.00

Ages 8 to 11 – Membership cost is £42 per annum

8 to 11 Membership £42.00

Ages 12 to 17 – Membership cost is £73 per annum

12 to 17 Membership £73.00

The main benefit of Mini Membership is that you will receive the discounted rates on the Mini Tennis Term costs. As full Members, the Child has full access to the Club and be able to use/book the Courts as a Member at no additional cost.

Is it worth it?

Yes!! The Non Member supplement of £30 PER TERM, with a typical three terms per year, adds a minimum of £90 to the over all cost per year. So it does make Membership cost effective.


The main driver behind this is to assist Crowborough Tennis Club to increasing the number of active Junior Members. This helps with future applications to improve facilities at Crowborough.

Help CTA Support the Club

You no doubt agree the above options are reasonable. The end game is to improve facilities at Crowborough Tennis Club for all to enjoy now and for years to come. We are already looking forward to the following improvements over the next year or so:

Courts 5,6 & 9 being repainted and spruced up – main focus on courts 5 & 6 is toward Mini Tennis. (which has now been done)

Flood lights to be installed on court 9 (now installed)

We are also looking into options to cover at least two of our courts with a roof. . . a longer term plan.

If you would like to assist further in any way with applying for grants etc, please let us know. We could always do with a helping hand.