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CTA Outreach

CTA is proud to report in 2019 we supported over 150 individuals through the various projects in our outreach program.  

These individuals have been able to enjoy tennis, experiencing – perhaps for the first time – an activity that brings joy and happiness. 

CTA has been involved in outreach projects since inception. Largely self funded, CTA is proud to be in a position to help provide an opportunity to play tennis in a safe environment and expose individuals to an activity that brings many health benefits. 

We would like to thank Crowborough Town Council for their generous grant at the tail end of 2017. This has assisted CTA with the program delivery and accounted for approx. 5% of the cost toward the various projects CTA ran in 2018. 

We look forward to continuing this effort through 2021 and beyond as we hope that COVID 19 will finally start to ease off and have less of an impact on our daily lives.