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CTA Retail

CTA offers the opportunity to purchase heavily discounted and at times, exclusive, Tennis equipment and apparel. If you are after something specific, please feel free to talk to us first before you purchase.

E-mail retail@ctasussex.co.uk or speak to AJ or David.

In most cases we are able to source it at a cheaper price, or we can simply just save you the hassle of getting the item.

We can source practically any racquet, most brands of tennis shoe, various apparel and accessories. Some things we can possibly get on a sale or return basis (but this is rare). Give us a try. We already have numerous happy and satisfied Members who have purchased through CTA.

Brands CTA Recommend (and what for):

adidas (shoes, apparel)

Head (racquets, apparel)

Babolat (balls, apparel)

Wilson (racquets, balls, overgrips)

asics (shoes)

Nike (shoes, apparel)

Other brands can be ordered, so this list is not exhaustive. However, over years of using the above brands (and others) they stand out to be the best in their own area of expertise.

AJ and The Coaching Team

CTA Sussex