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CTA Sponsored Players

cta proud to help out

CTA Sussex from time to time lend a much needed helping hand assisting with certain expenses that are unavoidable when you are looking to become a performance tennis/squash player.

Using our networks and experience we can help reduce the burden of cost for your player.


Finding a willing sponsor is quite difficult; finding a willing sponsor from a top brand is next to impossible at the lower tiers of competition.

Therefore CTA does the negotiating for you. As an example – If you use Wilson Racquets, we will provide you with Wilson Racquets; If you like Head Clothing, we will help you there, too. . . and so on.

If you’re happy to try a new lesser known brand. Even better.


Each program will be bespoke to each individual and an agreement will be prepared for all to sign and agree to.

However, basic requirements from CTA will be:

Exemplary behaviour and a good reputation with good standing;

Honesty at all times

CTA branding visible on each item of clothing;

CTA apparel to be worn during competitions;

CTA warm up gear to be worn before and after all matches and competitions;

A regular players Blog to be submitted after each match (including photos);

Regular updates on training and future fixtures;


CTA can also accompany players overseas to attend any Tennis Europe or ITF events (or similar). Again, each situation will be discussed individually and agreed but a basic cost analysis would be:

CTA’s flights and accommodation paid for

Daily Fee of £250 charged for each part or full day away*. (*This covers the ‘loss of earnings’ and additional cover costs)

arranging this

If this is something that you would like to discuss further, please email AJ via info@ctasussex.co.uk – with the subject heading Sponsorship Discussion.