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CTA Team Training – Format

What’s in store?

CTA Team training is primarily focused on doubles play, due to the majority of matches being doubles.

(Singles tactics can be covered specifically on another evening or as individuals. Please let AJ know if you would like to organise this.)

Sessions Commence 21st October 2015 on Courts 7 & 8 and Every Wednesday following that.

During the Training sessions for the 2015 Winter Season, we will focus mainly on match play and getting some much required practice in.

The Men’s 1st Team has six Fixtures to play from October as do the Men’s 2nd. Ladies also have similar number of Fixtures.

remember the area of the court you are responsible for as the:


Servers Partner


Receivers Partner

What areas to cover as a Team.

Remember to Poach by either: 



Command or Signal,

I formation and Australian Formation

When serving AND receiving

Choose your shots wisely and appropriately as the;


Servers Partner


Receivers Partner

Tactical decisions.

Remember Doubles is all about Teamwork

Communication is key!

Decision making as a Team; Who takes the middle, who covers the lob etc.

Planning and Charting

Always have a plan

Clearly if you need any pointers or have any questions during the sessions, then please let us know. We are only happy to help.