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Flexibility / Communication

We at CTA understand circumstances in life aren’t always as we would like. So we are happy to be flexible with the sessions you attend. We also understand that communication is key.

To make this easier to manage from our point of view, here are a few basic tips to help us all organise ourselves:

CTA is happy to accommodate, if for some reason you can not attend your usual tennis session on a given day. You are free to attend an alternative session during the same week OR the following week. BUT PLEASE LET US KNOW – BOTH IF YOU ARE NOT ATTENDING AND IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND AN ALTERNATIVE SESSION.

We will accommodate this up to 2 times per term.

If you feel that this change in session works better for you, then we will happily change the day you attend. This will be a permanent change for the remainder of the term.

You can revert back to the original day in the new term, or stick with the new session times.