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CTA Cancellation Policy

CTA Cancellation Policy

For those who pay as you go, the cancellation policy is fairly relaxed at the moment. However, for persistent ‘offenders’ there may be a cancellation charge introduced if the cancellation is;

    • less than an hour before the lesson;
    • cancellation is late (i.e the Client forgot);
  • there is a no show

The general policy below is relevant to those who are on a term time or regular up front payment basis.

CTA’s work ethic is,

that unless there are extreme weather conditions or circumstances beyond their control,

all sessions will run.

If CTA cancels, CTA is obliged to rearrange or offer alternative options to compensate. 

If a student/client cancels, CTA is not obliged to rearrange.

(This applies to all lessons; term time or private)

If the weather is bad and its a mutual decision not to go ahead with a session, then CTA will do their best to rearrange or find alternative solutions.