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CTA Junior tennis

what group should my child be in?

This initially depends on age. We also look at ability and try to place each child in an appropriate group for their ‘skill level’.

Tots Tennis – ages 3 to 4

Mini Red – ages 5 to 7

Mini Orange – ages 8 to 9

Mini Green – age 10

Yellow – ages 11 upward

what can i expect during a lesson?


An environment where a child can learn the vary basics of the game through a series of fun activities, predominantly based on balance, co-ordination, agility, movement and eventually racket and ball skills.

Mini Red through Green

There are three levels of Mini Tennis;  RedOrange and Green, each with its own court size and type of ball.

This tailored approach* enables players to gradually develop skills and techniques with appropriate equipment for the average height at a given age.

Yellow Ball

On full size courts with regulation tennis balls and rackets.

Children aged 11 and over are usually expected in this arena. However we do keep an eye on the younger developing players to progress them as soon as possible. 

More advanced techniques and tactics will be taught to aid players in match play.