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Parents Morning

Parents Morning

There are a number of Parents that have the responsibility of looking after Children of preschool age. Finding things to do, or finding appropriate Childcare can be an issue.

CTA are considering whether it would be viable to introduce a Parents Tennis Morning for those Parents who may have Childcare logistic problems when you’d quite like to just have that hour of tennis. The cost would cover the Coach, the court time and use of the Club Premises.

The proposal is fairly simple. A group of parents who would like to play tennis and have a bit of coaching, get together at the club at an agreed time. Whilst part of the group are on court, the other part of the group look after the children for an allotted time. Once that time period has elapsed, they swap over. . . .

It may just be half an hour each, it may be forty five minutes each. You decide. Do you think this is a good idea? Let AJ know. . . we can get this in place if you do. . .

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