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Poaching – Out Wide Serve

poaching the out wide serve return

Where does the SERVERS PARTNER need to be positioned?

Do they position themselves in the same way regardless of serve direction?

How much territory does the SERVERS PARTNER have to cover?

Servers partner position

Initially a player needs to understand where to stand to protect a good down the line return.

Practical Session 1

To get the optimum net position, stand roughly where you think you should stand as the net player, then perform a step out followed by a crossover step towards the outside tram line which would enable you to effectively volley a return down the line. If you are happy with your initial starting position;

Place a flat marker at your starting point – SP

Then, from this position (SP) you can now establish your reach across the middle – toward the centre line – with another step out and cross over step.

Place another marker here – T1

This now indicates your limit of reach for intercepting the cross court return. (Its worth noting that the starting position will vary from person to person)

In the training session we will place a rope all way from the RECEIVERS impact point of a wide serve return, through the T1 marker. We will also place a rope through the down the line trajectory. This will form a triangle to help you visualise your poaching territory.

This is clearly illustrated for you below.

Anything INSIDE this territory is the SERVERS PARTNERS BALL. Everything OUTSIDE this territory is left for the SERVER.

Click here to get a printable illustration.