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Poaching – Servers Partner

Poaching and Poaching Territory

Poaching is the real art in Doubles.

The first session of the season will help you understand the different types of poach and give you specific checkpoints to facilitate your practice of each.

Firstly we will deal with the serving Team. As they poach more frequently and focus on the SERVERS PARTNER.


Reaction Poach

When the SERVERS PARTNER judges the return is easy enough they can cross to intercept

Anticipation Poach

If the SERVERS PARTNER is sure, either technically or tactically, they can intercept a cross court shot from the receiver

Both of the above are performed at the discretion of the NET PLAYER. The SERVER is not aware of the poach in advance and must SWITCH SIDES when seeing the SERVERS PARTNER crossing to intercept.

Command or Signal Poach

When the Team decide IN ADVANCE, before the point starts, to change sides regardless of the direction of the return.

This requires both team players to know exactly the new area of court to cover.

when to poach

Basically, be ready to poach at all times.

All of the above types of poach can be employed in the scenario we are about to cover. Practice each, but ensure that no matter what, be on the balls of your feet as the serve is played. This will help you be in motion and move quicker to the poach and will increase your chances of hitting the return with balance and forward momentum.