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Quorn Family Cup

CTA will be hosting the annual Quorn Family Cup on 31st March 2019 in the afternoon between 2pm and 5pm.

The chance for Families to play tennis together in a fun environment.

Any child born 1 September 2008 or later (10 years and under) can play with an adult family member born 31 August 2000 or earlier (18+).

Adult family member (18+ years) can be parent, carer, guardian, step parent, co-parent, uncle, auntie, sibling or grandparent.

Entry Fee is £10 per pair

We have a few little giveaways and prizes and certificates.

The winning pair from each Red Ball Cub event will be invited to a Red Ball Festival Day hosted at an LTA Summer Grass Court event in June (e.g. Nature Valley Open, Nottingham)

The matches will be played on a small ‘Red Ball’ court with Red Balls and smaller rackets. Have a look at the promotional video here: QUORN VIDEO


Quorn Family Cup £10.00
Family Fun