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Realignment Osteopath

Realignment Osteopath

Realignment Osteopathy are a Crowborough based Osteopath operating from new faciilties in the Pavilion at Crowborough Tennis and Squash Club in Church Road. This practice is run by Maria Porter BOst.

Maria says; “I qualified with distinction from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) in 2004. During the last year of this degree course I also gained a Diploma in Classical Osteopathy from the John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy. I have since completed a post-graduate course in ‘Osteopathy in the Cranial Field’ at the BSO, as well as numerous short courses designed to enhance my skills base and keep me abreast of latest developments within the profession.
My osteopathic approach combines the rhythmicity of classical osteopathic techniques with soft tissue massage, articulation and manipulation of joints, as well as more gentle cranial based techniques.
I have chosen not to specialise at this point of my career but instead aim to treat as diverse a patient range as possible, from babies through to the elderly. As well as being a qualified osteopath, I also have a background in teaching fitness; I have extensive experience of aqua aerobics and water rehabilitation, and have a broad knowledge of strengthening and stretch exercises.”

Osteopathy Price List


FOLLOW-UP £40.00


FOLLOW-UP £35.00

The first appointment is up to 1 hour

Subsequent appointments will last up to 40 minutes


Contact Realignment Osteopathy to book a consultation NOW on 07748 187 258

Osteopathy in General

Osteopathy was established in the 1800’s by Dr A T Still. Osteopathy is a manual approach to healthcare, utilising the body’s in-built capacity to heal itself.

The primary concept is that if all the parts of the body are moving properly with an unrestricted blood and nerve supply, the body as a whole will consequently function to its optimum.

For more information regarding osteopathy go to www.osteopathy.org.ukOsteopathy is helpful in treating a diverse range of conditions inclduing:

• Sports injuries

• Postural-related aches and pains

• Whiplash

• Upper extremity problems (shoulder, elbow, wrist)

• Lower extremity problems (hip, knee, ankle, foot)

• Sciatica

• Lumbar spine pain (low back)

• Thoracic spine pain (mid back)