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REBOWall Logo

REBOWall’s Vision

REBOwall’s mission is to get everyone playing sport more and having fun more – and for a Grand Slam champion to win after learning and practicing on a REBOwall. Click on the Logo above and watch the REBOWall videos.

What is it?

A REBOwall is a high quality rebound wall for ball sports. They are a great way to play, learn and practice tennis (and football).

A REBOwall is ideal for communities that don’t have tennis courts. They are quick to build and can be installed anywhere – from a playground, community centre and social spaces to football pitches, skateparks, or even an inner-city car-park.

REBOwalls are versatile and multifunctional – great for coaching groups and individuals and for cardio-fitness sessions or simply enabling players to practice on their own.

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Hit more balls

In a tennis match you hit about 150 balls per hour, with a ball machine approximately 500 balls per hour, but against a REBOwall you’ll hit over 2000 balls per hour using only ONE ball.

Every Pro has hit against a wall at some point in their career

Roger Federer put a photo on Facebook of himself standing in front of the wall he hit against for hours and hours when learning to play. He acknowledges the wall’s part in helping him become the legend he is today. From Beckham, Pele and Maradona, to Federer, Sampras and McEnroe – they all grew up playing against a wall.