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Tennis Rackets

CTA Racket Guide

The following information should help, a little, getting through the minefield of purchasing a new racket.

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Six of the most important factors to consider

1) Type of swing

  • Long swing – a lot of control needed in the tennis racket as the swing generates power.
  • Average swing – an all round swing needs a racket that caters for control and acceleration.
  • Short swing – needs a frame that will help generate power.

Unsure?? CTA can of course help you analyse your swing type. We can even video it for you.

2) Head size

  • the bigger the head size, the more power, but less control.

There are four different categories of tennis racket head sizes:

  • Midsize: Small head size: Maximum of 97 inch² or 625 cm²
  • Mid plus (MP): Standard head size: 97– 105 inch² or 626 – 677 cm²
  • Oversize (OS): Large head size: 106 – 115 inch² or 678 – 742 cm²
  • Super oversize: Extra large head size: Minimum of 116 inch² or 742 cm².

3) Frame length

  • The standard length is between 68.5 and 69 cm – or 27 inches

4) Profile height

  • The profile height is the ‘height’ or thickness of the tennis frame
  • The thickness of a tennis racket influences the “striking power” of a racket.
  • The rule ‘the thinner a tennis racket, the more flexible, the more striking power and the more comfort’
  • You can assume nowadays that a tennis racket with a thin profile height, is usually a heavier tennis racket which gives you a lot of ball control, but less power or striking strength.
  • A tennis racket with a thick profile height is usually a light racket with less ball control, but large striking power.

5) Weight

  • The weight of a tennis racket is expressed in grams. Normally the heavier the tennis racket, the more ball control.

6) Balance point

Head heavy rackets

  • generates more power and striking strength.
  • disadvantage is that there is reduced ball control

Handle heavy rackets

  • offers more ball control and is designed for players who have enough striking strength to generate their own power.

We hope this helps – a little! 🙂

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