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Tennis Specific Fitness (Endurance)

This is a little bit different to the CTA Cardio Tennis Sessions, in that we concentrate solely on tennis specific movements and fitness regimes to help build a players agility, strength, speed and particularly, endurance. Although we do incorporate a lot of this into our Cardio Tennis Sessions.

Lets take a good look at what happens on a tennis court. Consider the following:
1. The majority of movements are lateral (around 70%).
2. Because of the size of a tennis court, players never reach full running velocity.
3. Players do not run long distances at medium speed, but rather run shorter distances with high rates of acceleration.
4. The average length of a tennis point is three to seven seconds and involves multiple changes of direction.
5. During a match, a tennis player can run three to five miles.

If we take a good look at these facts and the principle of specificity, we can start to design endurance workouts that will be far more appropriate for the needs of you, the tennis player. Here below is a simple Tennis Specific Endurance (TSE) workout that I have used with a number of players, in particular my performance players, such as Cam and Caitlyn.
A few things to note with this workout:
1. The periods of rest are very tennis specific. They reflect the time between points, as well as change over times.
2. Incorporated are some upper body strengthening, lower body power, endurance and movement exercises, in order to keep it interesting for the athletes.
3. All of the exercises last longer than the average tennis point, because for endurance, it is important to train beyond the ‘average’ level of intensity.

This workout should take about 45 minutes. A very fit 16 year old, can just about get through it twice in a row!If you would like to give it a go, then let us know!
Tennis Specific Endurance training. Remember the key word is Specific. We will always keep it appropriate for you, the tennis player, you are not training to be runners!