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The “Eye Coach”

No tennis product can improve your game as fast as The Eye Coach.

Here’s why.
80% of mistakes (say mishits) are caused by poor focus at point of contact.
Your head shifts too soon. And this true for beginners and pros alike.

Yours for £200 including all shipping and postage. In some cases we can offer next day delivery in the UK. 

The Eye Coach corrects that problem.

Coaches try to help. But it’s too fast for any human to teach.
Contact happens in 1/10th of a second. Plus it’s natural to follow the flight of the ball.

We strengthen the eye at point of contact (EPOC) by creating the perfect habit.
You begin to have a Federer level focus. And it starts in your first 10 minutes on the Eye Coach. (We’re not kidding.)

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Eye Coach and this link for the Eye Coach Website:

8 Reasons the Eye Coach is the best way to improve your tennis

#1 – It solves the major problem in tennis

If you’re not tracking the ball and focusing at contact properly, no amount of fancy footwork or power in your stroke can help you.

Using the Eye Coach at home for 10 minutes a day for 5 weeks means 5000 extra hits to train exactly HOW to keep your eye on the ball.

#2 – Reduced distractions

Because the Eye Coach eliminates the distractions of getting the ball over the net, learning is concentrated on eye strength, stroke and balance.

#3 – Repetition, repetition, repetition

The faster correct repetitions are performed, the faster the improvement. You can get 7x more hits with the Eye Coach than with traditional coaching methods. What used to take years to learn now takes weeks.

#4 – Works at all levels of play

The Eye Coach is the only system that can be used by pros and beginners alike. Eye strength is a skill every player can improve (yes, even Federer).

#5 – No slipping back

Use the Eye Coach to maintain play levels between coaching sessions. In fact, in just 30 minutes a week, you’ll actually improve your skills!

#6 – Powerful instinctual learning

Instinctive reactions are the most powerful athletic movements in the human body. The stronger your eye at contact, the more you can tap into and utilize these instincts to become a better player much faster.

#7 – Simple instructions

The Eye Coach system uses easy to follow instructions.  That may not sound important—but it speeds up processing time and allocates precious mental resources for learning.