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Video Analysis

Video Analysis

CTA feel that video is an extremely useful tool (and underrated!) for tennis coaching. It can be applied to skill acquisition, technique refinement, visualization, injury prevention, and coach education. There are numerous benefits of using video which include:

Slow Motion Replay

Tennis is a dynamic sport and most skills in the game are performed at speed. Given this, the ability of a coach to analyze these skills in detail using the naked eye is limited. Video allows you to view various skills in slow motion, again and again, and from different angles, which means you have an opportunity to analyze the motion in great detail with your Coach.

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Tracking Performance Changes

With your coach, you can analyze your performance and make alterations to your technique where appropriate. Video can be a very useful tool for tracking any changes that occur as a result of coaching. Filming a player’s technique several times during a session or season can reinforce the changes you are trying to make and give you quality information and keeping video records can provide positive feedback to a player, who can see that their hard work is paying off.

Self Reflection

Many athletes believe that they are in a certain position when performing a skill, yet when they see themselves on video, it becomes clear that perhaps they are not quite where they thought they were! There is a ‘mismatch’ between what the player feels and the position they are actually in. Video is an excellent tool for correcting this ‘kinaesthetic mismatch’. It is important for an athlete to ‘feel’ what it is like to perform the correct technique and seeing themselves performing a skill on video can be the first step to achieving a new movement pattern.

How can You benefit from this?

We as a Coaching Team can bring these benefits to you, the Player, during a Video Analysis Session. The sessions will be on a specific shot or technique for the full session (serve for example) so that you can see the progress you make within that session. The sessions are for an hour and a half to give plenty of time to practice, review and analyze. We will keep the video record for you on our systems so that we can refer back to this and monitor your progress.

The cost for these sessions is £30 for members and non-members alike which will include a copy of the video footage. We use professional software supplied by Ubersense and Dartfish to record and analyze the sessions.

e-mail info@ctasussex.co.uk for more information and to book your session.