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What we look for

what we look for in each session

Whether you are a child and teen or an adult, there are certain skills we try to develop to be a better tennis player.

The following list is what the LTA look for during talent ID days. These fun days are held regionally to identify kids who may have what it takes to train to be part of a county tennis team.

To give you an idea of the players they look for, consider the following;

Game development

Players should display effective technique and a good understanding of tactical play that is relative to their age, this includes:

  • Sound repeatable technique on serve, return, and ground strokes with some ability of net play
  • Displays the ability to control the ball well
  • Exhibits a reasonable range of skills when rallying, attacking and defending
  • Showing reasonable awareness of tactical skills including anticipation and decision making

Basic athletic ability

  • A player can demonstrate running mechanics, overarm throw, catching skills, agility (changing direction), balance and coordination

Great approach to training

  • Players need to demonstrate good listening skills, enjoy working hard and display an appetite to want to improve.


  • This is important for players and we would expect players to be enjoying competing fairly regularly at County Tour Level or be looking to start competing at a County and Regional level.

Clearly it depends on the individual, their own goals or aspirations and reasons for attending a tennis coaching session. But this is what it would require to ‘take it to the next level’.

CTA will endeavour to help you every step of the way. If you think your child would like to take things a step further, let aj know. info@ctasussex.co.uk or speak to him the next time you’re at crowborough tennis club.